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Pot Holder

Here's the matching pot holder for the cafe apron from Amy Butler's pattern. I made it from the leftover patchwork pieces, thermal batting, and store bought binding in a neutral color which saved a lot of time. Cute. Now I just need to make the other one.

Cafe Apron

I decided to make Amy Butler's Cafe Apron for my sister's birthday in February, oh well, at least I got it done in the same year. I wasn't as happy with the Freshcut fabrics (Heather Bailey) I picked out as I would of liked. I think I played it too safe and maybe they are too matchy matchy. It's hard too when you can't find all the fabrics locally and you have to order some of them online.

The pattern was not really a pattern but a series of simple math calculations with which you arrive at the measurements used to construct your own pattern. I'm still not sure I really liked the approach. It definitely makes it hard if you are making the apron as a gift. When I buy a pattern, I think I don't really want to be doing any math, I just want to cut out the pattern and make it. This is also the first real patchwork project I have made. But overall, I really like the result and it's reversible with the stripe fabric on the other side. A very expensive apr…