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Prikka Blouse

Pattern: Ottobre 6/2012 #31 Prikka Blouse
Fabric: $2 Dollar Fabric Store (Home Fabrics) unknown fibers on clearance
Total Cost: $2.00
Size: 128cm
Child's Age: 8


I bought this fabric at, what I still call the $2 Dollar Fabric Store. I think it's called Home Fabrics now. They mostly carry discount upholstery fabrics and rugs.  They had this fabric on clearance in a cart outside the door.  It's very cheap and who knows what questionable, synthetic material it's made out of but hey the pattern, drape and price was right!  Especially considering the overpriced quilting cottons or psychedelic, old-lady synthetics available at my local Jo-Ann's, all of which are such poor offerings for kids clothes.

This was a pretty easy blouse to make. The only thing that was difficult was gathering the edges of the neck and sleeves because the fabric frays like crazy.  This was also my second attempt at a rolled hem on my serger f…