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Easter cupcakes

I made these grass and bunny butt cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! They are in the original book. I'm not a huge fan of candy myself, or a fan of sugaring up my kids either, but I can't resist some of the cupcake layouts in this book. The only thing I don't like it having to hunt down all the candy. White chocolate covered peanuts for the bunny feet? Brown chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the foot pads? I couldn't find those and I didn't want to go to a special store either. I made them out of white fondant and just poured some chocolate syrup over the sunflower seeds (and it shows). But it was just for the kids and I knew they would not be that discriminating. I was right. No one even recognized the bunny butts in the soil. They're not dogs, people!

The grass was a bit torturous too, so after the first three I made my husband do it. I sent him to get the candy too. So, in the end, I guess all I did was make the soil for the dirt cupcakes and put the eggs on…

Re-covered sofa cushion

I've been meaning to cover these ratty old sofa cushions for a while. Apparently, at some point in the 90's, I thought this checker-y pattern was great. I came to loath it so much, I gave the entire accompanying chaise away.

I saw this Parisian inspired print fabric at Hobby Lobby one day, and I finally got it done. Well, I got one done, I should say. Maybe, some day, I'll get the other one done.  I have a bit of a delusion, that my home decor is French Country with modern.

I sort of used this free pattern from Amy Butler, but my cushion was a different size, so I just measured it and added some seam allowance for it. Luckily, these cushions already came with the center, covered button so I was able to take the existing fabric off and re-use it.

Much improved. Hopefully, the dogs won't be filing their claws on the new cushions as they did with the old ones.  No, that won't happen.  I don't let them on the furniture anymore.   This time, I just have to promise…

Take home library bags

This is a simple, envelope style bag I made for the school's take home library program.  They provided the pattern and original fabric.  I couldn't stomach the fabric though, so I got this cute, neutral pattern but colorful print from Ikea.  I'm so bummed, they won't be carrying fabric by the yard in the store anymore.  I would have gotten more, had I known this at the time.

There were many remarks that came to mind as I thought of how to explain to the school what happened to the fabric they gave me.
"I felt the faded brown-toned roses pattern would hinder the children's ability to read".
"I thought this program was supposed to encourage, not deter children from reading".
And, my favorite --

"The fabric was accidentally burned in a fire".