Saturday, April 7, 2012

Re-covered sofa cushion

I've been meaning to cover these ratty old sofa cushions for a while. Apparently, at some point in the 90's, I thought this checker-y pattern was great. I came to loath it so much, I gave the entire accompanying chaise away.

I saw this Parisian inspired print fabric at Hobby Lobby one day, and I finally got it done. Well, I got one done, I should say. Maybe, some day, I'll get the other one done.  I have a bit of a delusion, that my home decor is French Country with modern.

After - Back
I sort of used this free pattern from Amy Butler, but my cushion was a different size, so I just measured it and added some seam allowance for it. Luckily, these cushions already came with the center, covered button so I was able to take the existing fabric off and re-use it.

After - Front
Much improved. Hopefully, the dogs won't be filing their claws on the new cushions as they did with the old ones.  No, that won't happen.  I don't let them on the furniture anymore.   This time, I just have to promise myself, I won't be upset when the kids put their chocolate mustaches on them.

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