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Memory Quilt

So last year around this time, I decided this was the year I was finally going to go all into quilting. I planned a bunch of projects, bought a new sewing machine, watched a bunch of quilting videos, and instead of throwing out The Teen's old t-shirts, I figured, why not make those into a quilt too. People do that. Right?
We proceeded full steam ahead. Interfacing and cutting the t-shirts. I figured it would be a good learning/practice projects we could do together. I came up with a pattern of borders that I could live with because all of her t-shirts were from childhood and so had to be cut quite small. Then, I stopped because I had gotten so invested in this throw-away t-shirt quilt that I didn't want to complete it without a t-shirt commemorating her high school years nor did I want to wait until she was finished with high school to make the quilt. So, I said, we'll wait until you have a t-shirt from the high school you will be attending in the fall. So we did. And her…