Monday, August 29, 2011

oliver + s Bucket Hat

Not only have I finally made something, BUT ... I also attempted to join a sew-along! Incredible.

OK, so I bought this terrific book, Little Things To Sew by oliver + s for myself a while ago, for Mother's Day. It made me feel less guilty about it in case I didn't ever end up making anything. I could at least just look at it. Well, Monkey Pants needed a sun hat for school but it had to be khaki, navy, or hunter green to match the uniform so I went looking for some navy fabric with little dots (what is that called? I don't know) like in the book, but of course, couldn't find any. I found this one with more sparse dots and then decided to liven it up a bit on the inside. (I don't think she'll get expelled for that, right?) This is our first year of public school, we've been homeschooling which is why I haven't had time to make anything for a year!  But that's for another post ... if I ever get around to it.

Since I haven't sewn anything for a while and my time is still hurried, I forgot to change out the thread -OK, I was too lazy to change out the navy blue thread when I went to top stitch the rim and then realized that it looked awful so I had to take it all out and do it again.  I do that a lot.  Being lazy and a perfectionist is not a good combination.  I got a couple of tiny puckers on the top of the hat. I probably should have been a little more careful (I tend to cut corners by not following the instructions to the letter sometimes and then I regret it). I made the size medium, I think, according to measurements but really I should have done the large.  The hat fits my 18 mo. old boy and I would be glad to have him wear it if it wasn't for the inside flowers.  I plan to make Monkey Pants a bigger one.

After tearing it away from the 18 mo. old, she wore it on a hot day at the gardens, and it seemed to work just great!