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Melt Butter Review & Giveaway!

End Date: Feb. 28, 2014   ** Winner: Shoumita F. **
Prize:  (1) MELT Organic prize package which includes:
                   1 cutting board,
                   1 spreader and
                   2 VIP coupons for free MELT Organic Spread

OK, I'm kind of a bread junkie.  I don't go for chocolate or ice cream.  I like bread!  Especially warm, homemade bread with butter.

We have been using Smart Balance butter for a while and we've looked for butter replacements when one my kids was allergic to milk.  He's now outgrown this allergy but we have recently found out that my youngest boy, Super D., is lactose intolerant.  Needless to say, I'm always looking for the healthiest butter spreads and ones that Super D. can have, which means I'm always reading the ingredients list on the back of packages. This is kind of the first elimination round on packaged or processed foods. I…

Bread, glorious bread

So, I got a bread machine a few months ago. Bread machines were one of those things I didn't comprehend the need for. My grandma used to make bread by hand and I always thought that was the way to make bread.  Well, I got sucked into looking at an e-mail with some deals on it and next thing you know, I'm buying a bread machine.  Nevermind the fact that my kitchen is bursting at the seams and has no more room left for appliances.

I started out with a couple of recipes from the machine recipe book. But my real interest is to continue to eat the whole wheat bread we've finally become accustomed to.  I ended up buying the Kindle book, The Bread Love'rs Machine Bread Cookbook. And, I've made bread just about every other day since then!

Here is some of the bounty.

The first, only, and most decadent sticky buns I have ever made. They are so good, I can never make them again.

Pizza dough with whole wheat. Even Monkey Pants has made able to make the dough on request!

And t…

Green Cable Throw

So, I started making this cable throw two years ago, right around Thanksgiving time. I made super fast progress on it. Annnnnnd, I never finished it. At some point, I discovered I had made a bunch of mistakes that have apparently become quiet predictable in my knitting-while-watching-tv-technique that I have.  I also was just a little bit short on yarn. And so the project sat there in panels in a basket in my family room for two years.
Well, I finally got in the frame of mind to complete it again during the same time last year only to discover Lion Brand yarn has changed their colors and this green is no longer available!  A couple of months later, I determined to get-r-done if I had to comb the earth for this yarn or make it myself.  I searched high and low for days. Then -I found it on Yeah, it wasn't even that hard. And it was cheap.  This happened to me because I was buying one skein at a time with a coupon. Not a good idea.

And here it is. I've been using it…