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Barbarian Warrior

Pattern: Simplicity 5520
Size: 3
Total fabric cost: ~ $15.00
Shoes: Walmart mud boots $15.00
[Pattern does not include pants, sparkly black leggings size 4-5 girls, Walmart $4.97]

This year's Halloween costumes were pretty much decided on in the spring when I made a Renaissance princess costume for Monkey Pants school festival. The pattern I bought, Simplicity 5520, had a costume for a knight and a warrior, which I figured would work out just great for the two little brothers. I even bought all the fabrics for the other two costumes and they've been waiting for me to make them all this time. However, last month, I was at Costco and they had a slew of pretty fantastic costumes for about $24. There were two different knight costumes and I folded and bought one for my older son. I was planning for his birthday at the time, and this seemed like an excellently intelligent choice which would save my time, energy and sanity. Right? Ok, maybe not …

Marinara Sauce

Two years ago, I decided to make a small square foot gardening area in our back yard.  (If only I could find the pictures).  We're not huge lovers of vegetables, but we try.  This was our second year of tomatoes, and this time, I planted less and decided I would try to can them instead of trying to eat them all once they were ripe.  It was the year of canning, I guess.  I ended up canning apricot jam from my mom's back yard (also hurt my back for a month after picking those), apple sauce from my mom's back yard, and marina sauce from our tiny garden.  It was a hot process.  Next year, maybe I'll try freezing instead. 

Time for involved things like this is scarce.  It usually comes down to, "Oh no, the tomatoes we picked last week are going to go bad.  We need to do this today!" So, I found a simple recipe online. You put the following ingredients: tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, salt and pepper in the oven and then blend them. (That was mostly so I woul…

Velma Vintage Skirt

Pattern: Ottobre 3/2009Velma Skirt #30 Fabric: Heather Bailey, Nicey Jane, Picnic Bouquet - lagoon (less than a yard) Fabric Price: ~$10.00 Size: Oops, I don't remember
Child's Age: 7 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This was a pretty simple skirt to make.  A large floral pattern is a must. It still calls for a hidden zipper, but other than that, the construction was quite fun, I think mostly do to the rick rack.  I don't use that very often, and of course on this pattern, it really makes the skirt.  It was tough deciding what color to use.

I didn't make the top so we had to make do with this plain, boring white t-shirt for the photos.  I also didn't have the yardage called for the width of skirt and didn't want to cut into a whole new yard of the fabric so it is slightly less full than it should be. I didn't want to have side seams interrupting the floral print either.  This is probably the "cutest" thing in…