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Pattern: Ottobre 6/2010 Pikkumies #16 Fabric: Jersey knit in three colors plus white flannel for inner lining Fabric Price:  probably around a dollar
Notions: elastic
Size: 92cm
Child's Age: 2

My two-year-old is potty training so I tried my hand at some toddler undies. I couldn't wait for the coverstitch machine to arrive. Plus, I really never sew knits, so I need to establish a baseline for the misery it is to sew without one, so I can better appreciate it when I receive it.     These are not the ones from the latest Ottobre issue 1/2013 but rather from Ottobre 6/2010. I thought these would be more his speed. I plan to make the new ones for my five-year-old. I've also seen some from an older issue of Ottobre which I think are even cuter, but I don't have that issue.

I used what I had on hand, some jersey knit from JoAnn I bought a long time ago with the intention of making pajama pants, I think. I didn't have ribbing for …

Fun stuff

I've been more excited about sewing lately, than actually sewing. For better or worse, this culminated today in the online purchase of a used coverstitch machine. Until, a couple of months ago, I don't think I had even heard of a coverstitch machine. And until recently, I didn't even realize my humble Kenmore serger couldn't do this stitch, so naturally, a necessity emerged for the, now trendy, coverstitch machine. I got the Brother 2340CV, which I think is the least expensive in this category.

I was also pretty stoked with the latest issue of Ottobre magazine (1/2013). There's a few things I'd really like to make. I'm easily won over by the fabric patterns and colors.
 I have been meaning to make a trench coat for Monkey Pants for several years now after she outgrew her size 3T on from the GAP at the age of six.  It was adorable.  It even pushed me to buy my first issue of Burda, for a kid's trench coat that I still haven't made.  This one i…

Holiday-ish dress

Pattern: Burda 9/2012 #152 Cap Sleeve Dress Fabric: Denyse SchmidtChicopee Simply Plaid Lime Cost: ~ $17.00 Size: 122 cm Age: 8
[Cardigan: Target (little girls size 5); Shoes: Target; Hairpin and Tights: Target] -----------------------------------------------
Ok, so I had bought Monkey Pants a holiday dress at Costco for under $20 bucks.  I didn't love the style, but it was nice enough.  However, I didn't really want a dress that she's only going to wear once and then outgrow by the time she can wear it again.  In my trips to a local quilt fabric shop, I kept eye-ing this green plaid quilting cotton but I just couldn't picture what to make with it.  That is until I got the 9/2012 issue of Burda magazine.  I paired the Cap Sleeve Dress and this fabric together in my mind for a bit of a vintage-y feel. My thought was that it would be cute enough as a holiday dress, but casual enough to wear any time.
Here it is paired up with a sparkly, hot pink cardigan from Target.  I…

Godet Skirt

Pattern: Burda 12/2012 #123 Sash Skirt or #122 Godet Skirt Fabric: Stretch velvet (JoAnn 60% off) Notions: Invisible zipper Cost:  ~ $8.00 (inc. zipper) Size: 40cm shortened -----------------------------------------------------------------
I don't think I've made a single thing for myself since starting my Burda magazine subscription. Partly because my kids have been needing clothes more than I have, and partly because I've found some of the Burda styles not to my tastes or not flattering for me. There have been a few things that I've really liked, but I don't really need them. However, I had the opportunity to go to a holiday party and this skirt immediately popped in my head from my mental Burda database. I could have worn something way more casual, but hey, I just needed an excuse to make the skirt.

After hours of JoAnn shopping for pirate costume fabric, I had a pretty good fabric inventory of JoAnn in my head too. So I matched up the pattern with this stretch…

Jenkka Skirt

Pattern: Ottobre 6/2012 Jenkka Pleated Tweed Skirt #32
Fabric: Cotton plaid (< yard, JoAnn Fabrics 50% off)
Fabric Price: ~$4.00
Notions: invisible zipper, 1 small button
Size: 128cm
Child's Age: 8

[Coat: Janie & Jack clearance; Shirts: Old Navy; Hat: Janie & Jack clearance; Tights: Target; Shoes: Mini Boden on their 3rd year. Yes, I like to get my money's worth.]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I thought this would make a cute skirt for winter and I new it would look great with her orange coat. My only concern was with the fit.  Her waist is quite tiny but her hip measurements is more in line with the Ottobre chart. I considered trying to make it smaller but didn't want to risk messing it up so I just went with the smallest size on the pattern, 128cm and figured this 100% fabric would shrink again.  She tends to push anything that is fitted high at the waist down anyway. It turned out great.  (I only say things like this w…

Pirate Costumes

Pattern: McCalls 4952 Kids 3-8
Sizes: Pants 3 and 4; Boy shirt  4; Vest; 5 (was too long); Skirt 8
Total fabric cost: ~ $75.00 (all from JoAnn on sale, except for bandannas)
Shoes: Walmart mud boots $15.00
[Pattern includes girl's and boy's costumes. Striped shirt was not made. Girl's shirt made from Ottobre pattern.]

Pattern: Ottobre 6/2012Top #31 modified
Size: 122cm (even though it states the smallest size is 128cm; the pattern has a 122cm size)

So here are the pirate costumes the kids got in the treasure chest for Christmas.  I'm not a fan of plastic, store bought toys, not for any real important reasons other than I can't stand kicking them around the floor, collecting them from under the furniture, trying to find all their like-parts and returning them to their home, they drive me crazy.  And, I feel the kids don't get that much play out of them for the price.  One thing they never s…

Treasure chest

Trunk revamped as a treasure chest for kids Christmas present.
***** BEFORE *****
I didn't get a chance to take a decent picture of the original trunk before I tasked my husband with stripping off the old fabric and trim.  He did take this one with his phone here in the deep recesses of our basement, it's hiding place.

Here is the stripped down version in my sewing studio, a.k.a. Santa's Workshop.

The inside was never lined before. And yes.  My dad used wall paneling to make this back in the day.

I lined the outside with faux crocodile print leather (vinyl) from JoAnn. My husband finally owns every air gun known to man therefore I felt quite justified in demanding that he produce one that could put out the perfect size staple for this project.  We used 18 gauge staples, 1/2" long by 1/4" wide.  I know, because I had to go buy more at Home Depot on Christmas Eve. Yes that's how I like to spend my Christmas Eve.  Not relaxing by the fire with a cup of hot coco…