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Bonjour! Paris

I'm still alive!

I'm still making things. Sometimes. Slowly. With many, many interruptions and long periods of drought where I forget I even have a craft studio in the basement and that I used to document my made things on a blog.

Does anyone even read blogs that aren't monetized, with carefully curated photos, and amazing video tutorials? Probably not. That's why I've started using Instagram lately.  But I started this blog as a crafting journal of sorts for myself, so why not continue adding to it when time allows? Right?  I just went back and found a post for the Sophia Carry-All I made my daughter ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. She still tries to pack it for trips even though it's the size of a purse on her now! But, it made me want to make a new one. I love looking back and remembering the things I've made.

Recently, we had the opportunity to travel to Paris. My middle son dances ballroom and apparently competes internationally now. How did that ha…