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Simple girly birthday cake

Really trying to keep it simple this time for an adult birthday cake for my friend. I still spent probably about four hours on it, in part because I decided to try to make swiss meringue buttercream from a recipe in The Confetti Cakes Cookbook (which I frugally and very uncharacteristically checked out from the library). I usually use cherry or raspberry pie filling or opt for the safer and time cutting store bought icing. The store bought icing is super stable and you don't have to worry about it melting, plus you don't have to clean up bowls and beaters. I'm not a fan of the cleanup process. On the down side, it's made up mostly of hydrogenated vegetable shortening and various preservatives.

Anyway, the recipe promises the swiss meringue buttercream is great for sculpted cakes and very stable. You can even leave it out at room temperature for two days! I was convinced to try it. It's made with sugar, egg whites, and unsalted butter. So I tried it, but I did not f…