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Starting a Summer Wardrobe

After a very long hiatus from kids apparel sewing, I'm back in the thick of it making a summer wardrobe for this, now, teen girl. This would have been an excellent idea had I started in the spring but that's not how most of my projects get done.
I stopped sewing for the kids mostly due to time. Driving them around to their activities took all of it! However, it's been difficult to find nice clothes for Monkey Pants pretty much after the age of nine. Nice clothes are no where to be found and fit is nearly impossible as she seems to be of elvish blood --short torso, wide shoulders. Because she's been in dance the last few years and attended a charter school last year, she's been either in school uniform or dance wear most of the time. But summer is definitely a time she needs, what I like to call "real clothes" and she was badly in need of shorts and cool, summer tops.
The Shorts
After making a thourogh review of all of our Ottobre magazines, we found she h…
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Messenger Bags

Finally got around to making this little boy his own messenger bag. I made these for my kids a few years ago and sadly, as is regularly the case, the youngest didn't get one. He has humbly been asking if it would be possible for him to get his own, and at last his wish has been granted. 

Then, I figured if I was going to make one, I should just make several. I don't know if two more constitutes several, but it does in my book.  Love the Riley Blake Utah themed fabric I utilized for the lining in the gray one. So cute.

And last, a more girly inspired one with birds. 
Outer fabrics are polyester outdoor fabric from JoAnn at $7/yd. These take about 1/2 yd to make. And I used pre-made double fold bias tape for the trim on all of these. It calls for two packages but I found that by using a different color on the the outer side panel pockets, you only need one package for the rest of the bag. Hardware was ordered online.

I also made a new one for my daughter in the larger size but …

Triangle Pouches

The kids decided to participate in a local kids market and, to supplement their Perler bead creations, we decided to make these super cute triangle pouches. They are so fun! We had a great time, packing them with all kinds of stuff from toy cars, camping stuff, sewing stuff, make-up, the sky's the limit.

If you are planning on making a few of these, it would be good to source a bundle of zippers for a good price. After we used up all the zippers I already had, we got an assortment of colors from Amazon.

To learn how to make these, go to Crafty Gemini for really easy to follow video instructions.

Bonjour! Paris

I'm still alive!

I'm still making things. Sometimes. Slowly. With many, many interruptions and long periods of drought where I forget I even have a craft studio in the basement and that I used to document my made things on a blog.

Does anyone even read blogs that aren't monetized, with carefully curated photos, and amazing video tutorials? Probably not. That's why I've started using Instagram lately.  But I started this blog as a crafting journal of sorts for myself, so why not continue adding to it when time allows? Right?  I just went back and found a post for the Sophia Carry-All I made my daughter ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. She still tries to pack it for trips even though it's the size of a purse on her now! But, it made me want to make a new one. I love looking back and remembering the things I've made.

Recently, we had the opportunity to travel to Paris. My middle son dances ballroom and apparently competes internationally now. How did that ha…

Arlo Cardigan

Book:Brooklyn Tweed BT Kids
Materials: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash - Bamboo heather
Amount: 6 skeins = 660.0 yards (603.5 meters), 300 grams
Needles: US 5 - 3.75 mm US 7 - 4.5 mm
Cost: ~$24.00
Notions: Buttons
Size: 6
Start Date: Nov. 12, 2014
Finish Date: Feb. 10, 2017It took three efforts to complete this cardigan. I had a really hard time learning the new techniques at the beginning. In the middle effort, I made a lot of headway really fast, but then abandoned the project near spring as is apparently my habit with knitting. I picked it up again last winter and finished it off. It's a miracle it still fit him! I was pretty happy with it in general, but after completing this cardigan in a more economical yarn, I think I might see now why it may not be a good idea to go frugal on an important project like this one was for me. The collar doesn't stay rolled and the sweater as a whole is really spring-y. As a result, it tends to start sagging after a while. The sho…

Fall Tablescape

Our small family Thanksgiving Dinner didn't call for much to-do about anything, but my 9 y.o. insisted on fancy napkins. So we found this cornstalk design that was not too hard to make. They turned out so cute and really dressed up the table.

Finally discovered the Moscow Mule. In love. With the drink and the mug!

Halloween '16 - Little Red Riding Hood

I made something! Actually, although the daily grind of life has inevitably taken over and impinged on my crafting time completely, I've still managed to churn out a few things hand-made, but only by the skin of my pants and certainly with no time for photos and blog posts. BUT. I'm going to try to start posting them as time allows.

No longer the happy-go-lucky sewer of child costumes I used to be, no birds singing in the background, but to my surprise, I was able to whip up this Little Red Riding hood costume the night before Halloween. The only thing I missed was the little white apron because, as I announced several times to the family, I refused to sew past 10 o'clock at night!

I used the same pattern I used many moons ago for the Hansel & Gretal costume (McCall's 6187) but made the pieces separately. The Gretal costume is actually a dress with a back zipper but I found it is harder to get a good fit around the bodice, the skirt didn't have much fullness, …