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Wedding Cake

This is the first wedding cake I've ever made. It's a very simple cake but it was very stressful not knowing if I would be able to pull it off for such an important occasion. There's not exactly a plan B scenarios if something goes wrong. But it all worked out.

The cake was french vanilla with raspberry filling; butter cream on the outside covered with ivory "Fondx" fondant. This was the first time using this fondant which I had to order online. I've only used Wilton fondant before on birthday cakes. I was hoping this fondant would be more workable and taste better, plus I wanted to get one that was already colored ivory. I took a gamble but it paid off. It had a lot more elasticity than the Wilton fondant so it didn't wrinkle as much when covering the cakes and it tasted way better, more natural. I used a milk glass stand from a set of stands I got for my birthday last year. I love these cake stands because I have them in four different sizes and they ar…

Flower Girl Dress

Here is the flower girl dress I made for my daughter. I don't have any pictures of the sewing progress because I usually didn't get started working on it until late at night.

It looked like a simple enough pattern (McCalls 5570), after all, little girl dresses are pretty simple, a plain bodice with a gathered skirt, right. I was somewhat oblivious to all the layers that are required to go under a dress like this to make it puffy specially because the length was all the way to the floor. The puckered up effect also made it hard to determine the right length as the pattern had no finished length measurements for the dress.

My daughter turns 4 next month, but patterns in my experience always run big so I started off making the 3 year old bodice size. It was too big. I had to unpick it all and make the 2 year old size. I also ended up cutting the skirt for the 2 year old size as it look gigantic. This size turned out exactly right even though my daughter is not small.

I was a bit int…

Noah's Ark Cake

Apparently, staying at home is proving to be more work than going to work. And somehow, more time at home means less time overall. Still trying to make sense of that but really enjoying being at home. This month I'm ramping up for a few projects though; the first of which was a cake for my son's first birthday.

This cake took me .... um, all day long. I almost started regretting it as soon as I got into the third animal but I decided to press on. This cake is from Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes which is probably a very misleading title for this book but I guess they are easy compared to the cakes in the rest of her books (of which I have purchased none because the "easy cakes" are still proving very challenging for me).

This is the first cake I've made that we decided not to cut and serve during the party as we were having more family visiting the next day and we wanted it to have a longer viewing life. Really, it doesn't make any sense not to cut it. I…