Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Cake

This is the first wedding cake I've ever made. It's a very simple cake but it was very stressful not knowing if I would be able to pull it off for such an important occasion. There's not exactly a plan B scenarios if something goes wrong. But it all worked out.

The cake was french vanilla with raspberry filling; butter cream on the outside covered with ivory "Fondx" fondant. This was the first time using this fondant which I had to order online. I've only used Wilton fondant before on birthday cakes. I was hoping this fondant would be more workable and taste better, plus I wanted to get one that was already colored ivory. I took a gamble but it paid off. It had a lot more elasticity than the Wilton fondant so it didn't wrinkle as much when covering the cakes and it tasted way better, more natural. I used a milk glass stand from a set of stands I got for my birthday last year. I love these cake stands because I have them in four different sizes and they are so versatile, kind of vintage-y. They elevate the cake quite a bit giving it more height like being up on a pedestal.

I had to cover the cakes the afternoon before the wedding because I had to go to the Bridal Shower in the morning and the rehearsal dinner in the evening. The wedding was in the morning the next day. I had a friend help me mostly to calm my nerves about messing up the cake. I covered the middle tier first and ended up with some small waves on one side because I couldn't get around the cake very well on top of the kitchen counter. I covered the largest tier next and had no problems. I used a stool and put the cake on the corner of the counter so I could work around it better. I did the smallest tier last and it came out great too. I was very happy with the results. The only thing was that the cakes settled a bit by the next day so they didn't look quite a smooth. I ordered the sugar paste magnolia flowers premade to save me time and stress. I was happy with those as well. I only had a little bit of trouble getting the one on the bottom tier to stay put as it had nothing to sit on. I glued it with a little piece of fondant and piping gel.

I transported the tiers separately and assembled the cake at the wedding location figuring that would be the safest plan. I used hollow plastic dowels on the bottom and middle tiers which were already in place and put just three flowers on. Everyone loved how the cake color and ribbon matched the brides dress. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the cake but I don't think I could make a wedding cake again as it is too stressful to think about messing up a cake for a wedding. Now with this months birthday and wedding out of the way, I get to relax a bit until my daughter's birthday next month which I'm sure will bring on more fun projects.

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