About me

I added this page because I wanted an excuse to post this photo of me with my three kids.  Being a life-long, photogenically- challenged person, I rejoice with wild abandon when I get one like this.

Like many in the crafting community, I started to blog to keep a personal record of my hand-made things.  At the time, I was working for the man, and realized, I no longer spent any time doing anything creative with my hands. So I determined to make time for creative endeavours and keep an online journal to keep the momentum going.  Now, after three kids, I'm a stay at home mom.  I thought I would have more time to craft. Ironically, I have less!  Still I find that making things provides me with a little bit of an artistic outlet and brings me back to center.  That is, after the project is completed and I'm done cursing about everything that went wrong.

If you find yourself perusing about, I hope you find something helpful or motivating to get your creative juices flowing.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. This picture is absolutely LOVELY!! Gorgeous, in fact! (Coming from another person who has also felt photogenically-challenged her entire life!)

  2. Wow, I ran across your blog, as it was linked to a toddler backpack you had in the Made By Rae flikr pool. I just wanted to say, you are an amazing sewist with a great eye for color combos in your sewing. So impressed! I have quite a few items that you've already sewn on my project list (emmaline apron, oliver & s patterns, etc) so will be back around to check your insights. Thanks so much!