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Super B-day Party

Now that I'm a mom of three young kids, my enthusiasm for attempting to make 3D cakes, planning birthday parties, and waking up in general, has gone out the window.  I've been trying to keep it kind of low-key lately on these things.  However, my food-allergies-son turned five and now that he has outgrown some of his food allergies such as milk, soy and eggs, I can no longer hide behind the excuse for not making him a cake.  So this was to be his big I-can-now-eat-cake celebration.  I obliged him with a real cake and a real party.

I always get a bit nervous about birthday parties no matter how "simple" I tell myself I'm going to make it.  My son has been feeding me his birthday party expectations ideas since the moment his fourth birthday party was over. Expectations Ideas, I couldn't possibly meet.  The problem is, he has an incredible memory and I knew he would remember each and every one of his requests.  A few days before his birthday, he drew me a pictu…