Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ball Gown for Monkey Pants

So, the past year, I got Monkey Pants to take ballroom dance lessons. What!?!?  Yes, I did. Miracle of miracles. And, she actually likes it. Last night was the dance studio end of year gala. Initially, I thought, oh good, she can just wear one of the couple of dresses I've bought her that she never gets to wear anywhere. Then, of course, we thought, OK, I thought -why not go all out and get her a floor length gown. So I searched on the internet and even went to a couple of stores. I did find some really pretty "pageant" dressed online but it was too late to order. And, I found absolutely nothing locally.

Midweek, I went to the fabric store and picked out some fabric. I rifled through the pattern books and found NOTHING.  Why! Why are there never any patterns for what I want to make when I want to make it. Next year, I bet there'll be tons of little girls ball gowns. I just know it.  So I was forced to do what I never like to do and figure it out on my own.  I ended up splicing two patterns together from what I had, McCalls 5570 which I used to make her a flower girl dress when she was three.  Problem was, the pattern only goes up to a size 5 and Monkey Pants is now ten. I used that for the skirt and petty skirt parts. And I used the  Burda 9/2012 #152 Cap Sleeve Dress for the bodice, which is also a little girl pattern but Monkey Pants has a tiny torso with wide shoulders so I had already enlarged and modified that the last time I used it on an the landscape dress.

Of course, I meant to give myself at least three days to do this, but no, it never works out like that so I started it Thursday night and finished it Friday evening with an hour to spare before the Gala, all the while thinking, why did I dump so much money on a dress I can't even finish and I don't have a real pattern for? What is wrong with me?! The boys are probably upstairs eating brown sugar out of the pantry with a spoon. And why isn't the stupid wi-fi working so I can listen to Pandora and not feel like I'm sewing in prison!

Then I watched this video.

Then I just did it.

Since I was going off the yardage for the underskirt of a size 5, It wasn't really puffy enough for this heavier ruffled fabric so I had her wear the petty skirt I made for the 50's skirt under there too. This is a two petty skirt dress.  The tule for the petty skirt was fuscia. It's pretty exciting but you can't really see it so you'll have to take my word for it. The shoes were also very princess-y, but had no time to get a picture as we were literally running out the door here because Mr. I-don't-know-where-my-head-is-most-of-the-time couldn't find his black dress socks THAT HE WEARS FOR BALLROOM ALL OF THE TIME. Can you tell I'm no longer the patient, happy-go-lucky mom I used to be. Wait, I was never that mom.

Also, James Bond granted us a special appearance there on the right.

[I've noticed, my photos are ultra saturated in color when I upload them to Blogger. Don't know what the deal is but no, I'm not crazy, and I'm not doing this on purpose].