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When I saw this particular selection of fabrics (Flora and Fauna by Patty Young -the nicest person ever) for the Kyoko dress pattern, I knew I had to make it. And not for monkey pants either. For my little niece who just turned four and because she has this same cute hair. And I have no shame in being a complete copy-catter.  I'm also excited that some of this fabric will be/is available in knits.  I know the green flower print is one of them and that's my favorite.

This dress was really simple to make: no button holes, no zipper, no collar, no cuffs. Just mostly straight stitching, some gathering, and binding. And you know I love making that binding with my little binding tool.

I also felt the need to make a little tag for it mostly to identify the size of the garment in case it eventually becomes a hand-me-down or something.  I used the June Taylor Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers folding in the outer edges and folding the entire tag in half.  It's a little on the s…

Has anyone seen my pattern?

Actually, the real reason I haven't made anything is because I was going to make theKyokodress by Modkid and I cut the pattern out on my fabric, I have the pattern pieces, but I can't find the instruction booklet!  What the hell did I do with it.  I swear, when things get lost within the perimeter of my own house and I can't find them it makes me want to drive myself to the loony house.
So, I've narrowed down the possibilities of where it can be: 1) It got lost in the shuffle of one of my purses as I am constantly switching the contents of one purse to another in a futile effort to be fashionable; 2) one of the house midgets took it and used it for a craft project, coloring on it, glue-ing it, and cutting it into a million pieces, 3) it is exactly where it should be; I just can't see it as my eyes are stupefied and blinded at the site of organization.
What to do!?  I need it. 
It's for my niece's fourth birthday next week. 
I have no Plan B. 

Internet Give-Aways

OK, the reason I haven't made anything lately is because I've been wasting all my time entering Internet give-aways.  Just kidding.  No actually it's true.  Tea collection recently had a whole weeks worth of giveaways on Facebook for their 8th anniversary, yesterday another for See Kai Run shoes.  Cedarworksplaysets had some a while back including a fund raising raffle for a school.  I even suffered through a terrible live web meet for a homeschooling core curriculum (I've been considering home schooling) last Tuesday. 

So, I haven't won anything yet.  Nevertheless, I will persevere in this time-wasting endeavor.  And, if you would like to do the same with your time, here's a giveaway from GummyLumptoys for three mini Automoblox cars.  You can kind of see a regular size car in my "Old Nursery" post on the wall shelf if you use a really strong magnifying glass.