Monday, June 21, 2010


When I saw this particular selection of fabrics (Flora and Fauna by Patty Young -the nicest person ever) for the Kyoko dress pattern, I knew I had to make it. And not for monkey pants either. For my little niece who just turned four and because she has this same cute hair. And I have no shame in being a complete copy-catter.  I'm also excited that some of this fabric will be/is available in knits.  I know the green flower print is one of them and that's my favorite.

This dress was really simple to make: no button holes, no zipper, no collar, no cuffs. Just mostly straight stitching, some gathering, and binding. And you know I love making that binding with my little binding tool.

I also felt the need to make a little tag for it mostly to identify the size of the garment in case it eventually becomes a hand-me-down or something.  I used the June Taylor Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers folding in the outer edges and folding the entire tag in half.  It's a little on the stiff side but certainly prints well.  I'm not sure how well they hold up in the wash as I've yet to use them for anything I've kept.  But it's a quick solution for custom tags.


  1. The dress is awesome!! I love the fabrics.

  2. Lovely dress and fabrics! I found that Printed Treasures sheets were somewhat softer and easier to sew than the June Taylor sheets. Both have washed reasonably well on my quilts.

  3. Thank you so much for adding these sweet pictures to my Flickr pool and linking to this post. I absolutely love it! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. :)


  4. You are so talented and innovative!! Amazing!...and your little niece is a doll!

  5. this is amazing, I need to make one! Thanks, Karen
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