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Accountable Kids Review

I haven't had much time for crafting lately. Part of the reason is trying to handle three little ones at home. I decided I needed to teach them how to do chores and have responsibilities in the home from a young age if I ever want to have time for myself again. I tried giving them expectations and got frustrated when they didn't follow through. Duh, they're little. My husband can't even follow through with turning the lights off a room when he leaves it! I tried printing simple chore cards with individualized envelopes I got off the Internet and stuck to their bedroom doors. They were all excited about the cards at first, but there really wasn't any way to get this program to stick unless I was overseeing them like a hawk every minute of the day. Finally, I decided I wasn't succeeding at this on my own and that it was important enough to me to justify purchasing a program to handle chores and responsibilities that had a little more logic and procedure built int…