Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time for knitting

With the cold comes time for knitting again. I've completed a couple more Koolhaas hats and I'm almost done with this chunky cabled throw from Lion Brand. I saw it in one of their magazines a couple of years ago. Of course, that's about how long it takes me to get started with most projects. I'm making it with the same yarn and color as the pattern, which can be found free here. It would have been way too expensive to use a better quality yarn. Even this was too pricey for me, so I have been buying one skein at a time at my local craft store with their 40% coupon. I know, kind of ridiculous, but it works. At the discount price of $5.00 skein x 9, that's $45.00, and I think I can finish it in 8. It's super easy and a great project to learn cabling on. The giant #13 needles are kind of fun to knit with too. (Photo from Lion Brand pattern).

The yarn.

The instructions in the pattern are quite clear, but I thought I would show how this is started. You knit five seperate panels of cables and then sew them together at the end. Here is the start of one, casting on 24 stitches.

I bought these US #13 bamboo needles, but soon realized the DPN plastic ones worked much better. They're not as long and much easier to maneuver. My stitches never fell out the other end which is the type of thing I would normally expect to have happen to me.

To make the cable, you slip 6 stitches onto another needle and hold it front in this case.

You then, proceed knitting the rest of the 6 stitches.

Then, you resume knitting the stitches that were skipped before. That's it!

Hopefully, I'll have a completed photo of this soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

oliver + s Messenger Bag

From Little Things To Sew by oliver + s. I love this bag. Here it is in action at The City Library of the Year 2006. It only took us about seven years to finally go see the new library.

I made two of these for the kids and they use them all the time.  I chose light canvas for the outside because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it if I picked out some wonderful fabric only to see it dragged across the parking lot or filled with rocks.  I used the fun fabric on the inside.  And somewhere on this computer I think I have pictures of that but who knows where. I also added a little elastic hair band to the inside seem to hold their kids thermos.  It fits perfectly in there and stays upright.  I'd show a picture but ... Oh, and even though this is a very small thing, because the bag is a mucky canvas color, I added a bit of flair by using hot pink hardware on the strap.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


...so fun.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Popover Sundress for Haiti

This is an oliver + s free pattern, the Popover Sundress, sewn for Project HOPE Art which will be given to a little girl at Nadine’s orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  More information on this dress drive can be found at Art Projects For Kids.  I hope to make a couple more before the December deadline.

The pattern is a free PDF download which prints out on about 11 pages, I think.  You cut out around the margins of the pattern pages, line up the lettered dots, tape together, and cut out the simple front and back dress piece.  There's only two other pattern pieces to cut.  The dress is really easy to assemble.  I made the size 6 and it was a bit big around the bodice for my small-almost-7-yo.  So, a smaller size with a longer dress skirt might be a good idea for slender girls.

Monkey Pants is modelling the dress for pictures and it's a good thing because she really tested the pants off of it to make sure it was jump-able in every way.

Monday, August 29, 2011

oliver + s Bucket Hat

Not only have I finally made something, BUT ... I also attempted to join a sew-along! Incredible.

OK, so I bought this terrific book, Little Things To Sew by oliver + s for myself a while ago, for Mother's Day. It made me feel less guilty about it in case I didn't ever end up making anything. I could at least just look at it. Well, Monkey Pants needed a sun hat for school but it had to be khaki, navy, or hunter green to match the uniform so I went looking for some navy fabric with little dots (what is that called? I don't know) like in the book, but of course, couldn't find any. I found this one with more sparse dots and then decided to liven it up a bit on the inside. (I don't think she'll get expelled for that, right?) This is our first year of public school, we've been homeschooling which is why I haven't had time to make anything for a year!  But that's for another post ... if I ever get around to it.

Since I haven't sewn anything for a while and my time is still hurried, I forgot to change out the thread -OK, I was too lazy to change out the navy blue thread when I went to top stitch the rim and then realized that it looked awful so I had to take it all out and do it again.  I do that a lot.  Being lazy and a perfectionist is not a good combination.  I got a couple of tiny puckers on the top of the hat. I probably should have been a little more careful (I tend to cut corners by not following the instructions to the letter sometimes and then I regret it). I made the size medium, I think, according to measurements but really I should have done the large.  The hat fits my 18 mo. old boy and I would be glad to have him wear it if it wasn't for the inside flowers.  I plan to make Monkey Pants a bigger one.

After tearing it away from the 18 mo. old, she wore it on a hot day at the gardens, and it seemed to work just great!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Random food on a plate post

I made this on a bit of a whim for Easter dinner: cornish hens, artichokes, and golden potatoes with steamed carrots. Yum.