Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time for knitting

With the cold comes time for knitting again. I've completed a couple more Koolhaas hats and I'm almost done with this chunky cabled throw from Lion Brand. I saw it in one of their magazines a couple of years ago. Of course, that's about how long it takes me to get started with most projects. I'm making it with the same yarn and color as the pattern, which can be found free here. It would have been way too expensive to use a better quality yarn. Even this was too pricey for me, so I have been buying one skein at a time at my local craft store with their 40% coupon. I know, kind of ridiculous, but it works. At the discount price of $5.00 skein x 9, that's $45.00, and I think I can finish it in 8. It's super easy and a great project to learn cabling on. The giant #13 needles are kind of fun to knit with too. (Photo from Lion Brand pattern).

The yarn.

The instructions in the pattern are quite clear, but I thought I would show how this is started. You knit five seperate panels of cables and then sew them together at the end. Here is the start of one, casting on 24 stitches.

I bought these US #13 bamboo needles, but soon realized the DPN plastic ones worked much better. They're not as long and much easier to maneuver. My stitches never fell out the other end which is the type of thing I would normally expect to have happen to me.

To make the cable, you slip 6 stitches onto another needle and hold it front in this case.

You then, proceed knitting the rest of the 6 stitches.

Then, you resume knitting the stitches that were skipped before. That's it!

Hopefully, I'll have a completed photo of this soon.


  1. Was this easy to sew together? I was laughing at your comments about how long it took you to finish and the mistakes! I'm just now finishing the same blanket after three years! I ran into the same issues you did. Anyway all the panels are done and i'm scared to death to sew it wrong! Any hints? Thanks so much for reading this.. Terri

    1. I think I was similarly scared to sew it together and have one panel longer than the others or to somehow find out I didn't alternate the direction of the cables, but it all came together just fine. It was easier than I thought. Just relax and go for it. You'll be really happy with the finished product I think. Especially after that much time! ☺️