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Old Nursery

I, or should I say, my pregnancy brain went back and forth trying to decide wether to make the smallest bedroom in the house into the nursery or to move our 2-year old and create a boy's bedroom for him instead, leaving his old nursery in place for the new baby.  We finally decided to make the little bedroom the nursery.  So before dismantling the old nursery, I wanted to preserve it in pictures.

View from doorway
(1) Wool Zebra Stripe Rug [] (2) Story Time Rocker [] (3) Dresser [Ikea] (4) Rocking Horse [Dillards]; White Bins [Target] (5) Ouef Crib []; Jonathan Adler bedding re-sewn as crib bedding [Burlington] (6) Ceiling Fan [Lowe's] (7) Aquanauts Poster [meomi] (8) Shelf: Alberto Cerriteno Print; eel [Living Planet Aquarium SLC]; owl [Gymboree]; M [Robert's Craft]; dry cactus in Ikea pot; Orange Suitcases [Land of Nod]; Black & White Blocks [online ?]; Automoblox Car (9) Ikea Window Treatments

Other items:
Orange dog tail …

Sitting Around

I've been spending most of my time sitting around lately. At least it seems that way. Really, it's a lot of feeding the baby, changing the baby, forgetting to change the 2-year old, remembering that I need to go to the bathroom too, making/re-heating meals, driving 5-year old to preschool, sleeping (sort of), going up and down the stairs to get burp cloth, 2-year old's shoes, my sweater, a drink, etc. I only have short periods of time available to do something other than the above but it's hard to start doing anything knowing that I'll have to stop in about fifteen minutes and maybe start again in a half hour or maybe not for several hours. Needless to say, this time around it's a lot different.

With my first two babies, I was at home with them by myself for the first three months and then I went back to work and they went to daycare. This time, the whole family is home and it sure feels like a big load of people. My husband (who luckily works at home -for no…