Monday, March 15, 2010

Sitting Around

I've been spending most of my time sitting around lately. At least it seems that way. Really, it's a lot of feeding the baby, changing the baby, forgetting to change the 2-year old, remembering that I need to go to the bathroom too, making/re-heating meals, driving 5-year old to preschool, sleeping (sort of), going up and down the stairs to get burp cloth, 2-year old's shoes, my sweater, a drink, etc. I only have short periods of time available to do something other than the above but it's hard to start doing anything knowing that I'll have to stop in about fifteen minutes and maybe start again in a half hour or maybe not for several hours. Needless to say, this time around it's a lot different.

With my first two babies, I was at home with them by myself for the first three months and then I went back to work and they went to daycare. This time, the whole family is home and it sure feels like a big load of people. My husband (who luckily works at home -for now), a five year old, and a terrible two year old plus new baby. It also doesn't help that the 5- and 2-year olds are strange beings that may not be related to me at all because they like to wake up at six o'clock in the morning -a time which I consider sacrilegious to be awake.

So, if I'm ever going to make anything again. I'm going to have to figure out how to work in interrupted spurts of time, get a nanny (not likely), or really put more effort into figuring out this mothering thing.


  1. I hear you--people keep telling me it gets better! My oldest two are at school all day and it's just me and baby at home until everyone else gets home, but it's so hard to work on something when you know you're just going to have to but it down in a few seconds! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Years ago, I knew a young Mom who liked to sew and other creative things...she had three kiddos. Hubs worked days in a stressful job that he loved, but came feeling depleted, often, so they worked out a schedule that allowed Dad to have time for a shower, a refreshment and a little time for the paper or news, then dinner, one parent bathing kids, the other doing the kitchen clean-up,and then Dad read and helped with school things, Mom headed for the sewing room, which became off limits for children until Mom's time was over. This worked well from what I remember...but it took a joint effort by everyone to make it so...hope you get some me time soon...hang in there!

  3. What a beautiful baby!

  4. It's not easy... but you will never regret it;)
    Your baby is beautiful!!!