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Bento fun.

Popover Sundress for Haiti

This is an oliver + s free pattern, the Popover Sundress, sewn for Project HOPE Art which will be given to a little girl at Nadine’s orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  More information on this dress drive can be found at Art Projects For Kids.  I hope to make a couple more before the December deadline.

The pattern is a free PDF download which prints out on about 11 pages, I think.  You cut out around the margins of the pattern pages, line up the lettered dots, tape together, and cut out the simple front and back dress piece.  There's only two other pattern pieces to cut.  The dress is really easy to assemble.  I made the size 6 and it was a bit big around the bodice for my small-almost-7-yo.  So, a smaller size with a longer dress skirt might be a good idea for slender girls.

Monkey Pants is modelling the dress for pictures and it's a good thing because she really tested the pants off of it to make sure it was jump-able in every way.