Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frida Top

I don't typically go for the super cutesy girly patterns with frills and all kinds of fabric combinations, but the truth is, I can't really stick to one style either. And, I just had to make something with this butterfly print from Sandi Henderson's latest fabric collection, Meadow Sweet, I decided to try the Frida Modkid pattern by Patty Young for a nice summery play shirt.

The pattern instructions come in booklet style with full color pages, photos, and great illustrations. It includes sizes 2 to 7. I did View A with the capped sleeves from View C and omitted the pocket. I made up the 4-5T size for an average weight but slightly shorter than average five and a half-year old. I did add maybe 3/4" to the length of the top/dress section. I like the snug fit on the bodice and sleeves, the length turned out good too. If I make another, I might make it just a tad longer for more of a tunic effect.

The bodice and sleeves are lined, which is easy to do. However, as usual, I was in a hurry and tried to take a shortcut on the sleeves by not lining them and simply serging the elastic right onto the edge, planning on folding it over twice to conceal the seam and topstitch. That did NOT work, OK. And, as I had only purchased a fat quarter (18"x22") piece of the yellow fabric, I couldn't start over, I had to unpick (I know that's not the right term, but you know what I mean) the entire serged elastic off the edge. Very dumb. So then, I lined it, made a casing for the elastic just like the instructions said to do and it turned out fabulous plus at least an hour of wasted time.

Yet another use for the bias tape tool -straps.  I love this tool. It makes neat folds, saves your fingers from getting burned by the steam of the iron, and saves time.

Monkey Pants loved the shirt and decided to wear it for three days in a row. The only complaint was that the bodice/dress seam that is not enclosed in the bodice lining started to bug her. It may be worth the trouble to enclose this seam in the lining. I just had her wear it with a nice white cotton camisole or a long sleeve shirt since the weather has been a bit chilly anyway and this way I don't have to smother her with sunblock when she goes out to play. Long sleeves in the summer is one shortcut that does work for me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Etsy bummer

I have a couple of things I made a while back and some patterns that I was wanting to put up for sale on Etsy. When I went to create an account for "MakeMeStudio", I was kind of surprised when Etsy said that user already existed. So then I thought, oh, I must have created it a few months ago and I forgot. I tried every yahoo e-mail account I ever created to see if it was linked to the Etsy account to no avail. Finally, I realized, someone else must have created the account, although it appears to be unused. I tried sending them a "convo" message through Etsy, but no response.

By chance, a slim chance I know --is this your Etsy account? Are ya using it? If not, can I have it? Pretty please.

Doesn't hurt to ask, right.

-- Update --

The owner of the Etsy account has contacted me and was nice enough to offer me the account. Hooray for nice people!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010


When my now 5-year-old went to daycare, she was a super drooler and I couldn't stand it when I'd pick her up and the whole front of her outfit was soaking wet. I put every mismatched and sometimes hideous multi-colored holiday themed bib I had received on her to keep her clean and dry. Lucky for baby #3, I refuse to make him look like a rodeo clown in a gigantic lobster bib. So, I created some small bibs in the same simple and practicle white style as the burp cloths for every day use.

This bib is good for newborns upto about six months, the height of the spit up and drooling months. It is about as easy to make as the burp cloth with a little more work on the snap ends.  Here is a free pattern. It doesn't really need instructions, but if you'd like to make one or two and you're not sure how, here they are.

MMS Bib Pattern

  • white flannel - (2) 8"x8" pieces or 1/4 yard (if you find one more expensive than another, buy the more expensive one).

  • white knit baby terry cloth - (2) 8"x8" pieces or 1/4 yard (that's the fine stuff, not the towel material you'd want to use to dry a wet dog).

  • 36" x 1 1/2" white knit (or as I would call it, T-shirt material, you know, the stretchy stuff) for edging.

  • A couple of ribbon pieces or pretty fabric scraps at least 7" wide
    Stick to these fabrics and you will have a very soft-to-babies-skin, thin and effective bib.

    1. Sew ribbon/fabric onto one bib piece (I use the flannel as the top side).
    2. Layer two bib pieces together (flannel/baby terry cloth) and zig-zag baster around the outer and inner edges
    3. Make knit binding as described in previous Burp Cloth post
    4. Attach binding (for more detailed instructions, see Burp Cloth post) to neck edge on baby terry cloth side
    5. Attach binding onto outer edge leaving about 1" excess beyond each end of bib opening.
    6. Fold edges in and hand-stitch shut
    7. Attach snap to ends following package instructions or for better results, using a tool such as Dritz Plier Kit. This will save you a lot of headache with trying to get the snap to bite through the fabric just right.