Friday, May 7, 2010

Etsy bummer

I have a couple of things I made a while back and some patterns that I was wanting to put up for sale on Etsy. When I went to create an account for "MakeMeStudio", I was kind of surprised when Etsy said that user already existed. So then I thought, oh, I must have created it a few months ago and I forgot. I tried every yahoo e-mail account I ever created to see if it was linked to the Etsy account to no avail. Finally, I realized, someone else must have created the account, although it appears to be unused. I tried sending them a "convo" message through Etsy, but no response.

By chance, a slim chance I know --is this your Etsy account? Are ya using it? If not, can I have it? Pretty please.

Doesn't hurt to ask, right.

-- Update --

The owner of the Etsy account has contacted me and was nice enough to offer me the account. Hooray for nice people!

1 comment:

  1. good for you! happened to me too. she had used the account a long time ago and was inactive. haven't tried to contact her though, hey! maybe i should.