Monday, May 3, 2010


When my now 5-year-old went to daycare, she was a super drooler and I couldn't stand it when I'd pick her up and the whole front of her outfit was soaking wet. I put every mismatched and sometimes hideous multi-colored holiday themed bib I had received on her to keep her clean and dry. Lucky for baby #3, I refuse to make him look like a rodeo clown in a gigantic lobster bib. So, I created some small bibs in the same simple and practicle white style as the burp cloths for every day use.

This bib is good for newborns upto about six months, the height of the spit up and drooling months. It is about as easy to make as the burp cloth with a little more work on the snap ends.  Here is a free pattern. It doesn't really need instructions, but if you'd like to make one or two and you're not sure how, here they are.

MMS Bib Pattern

  • white flannel - (2) 8"x8" pieces or 1/4 yard (if you find one more expensive than another, buy the more expensive one).

  • white knit baby terry cloth - (2) 8"x8" pieces or 1/4 yard (that's the fine stuff, not the towel material you'd want to use to dry a wet dog).

  • 36" x 1 1/2" white knit (or as I would call it, T-shirt material, you know, the stretchy stuff) for edging.

  • A couple of ribbon pieces or pretty fabric scraps at least 7" wide
    Stick to these fabrics and you will have a very soft-to-babies-skin, thin and effective bib.

    1. Sew ribbon/fabric onto one bib piece (I use the flannel as the top side).
    2. Layer two bib pieces together (flannel/baby terry cloth) and zig-zag baster around the outer and inner edges
    3. Make knit binding as described in previous Burp Cloth post
    4. Attach binding (for more detailed instructions, see Burp Cloth post) to neck edge on baby terry cloth side
    5. Attach binding onto outer edge leaving about 1" excess beyond each end of bib opening.
    6. Fold edges in and hand-stitch shut
    7. Attach snap to ends following package instructions or for better results, using a tool such as Dritz Plier Kit. This will save you a lot of headache with trying to get the snap to bite through the fabric just right.


    1. Super cute!!
      Thanks for the tutorial!

    2. yes, thanks so much!! doesn't look quite so daunting when you break it down. these bibs look so professional, you should sell them on etsy!

    3. They are super cute and your photos on how to make it step by step are perfect to lower ones "what to do when" stress level. Thanks! :-)