Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Birthday Cake

For monkey pants' 6th birthday I decided on a gingerbread house sort of theme since she was dressing up as Gretel for Halloween. We made it a fairy tale costume party. I tried to keep the cake as simple as possible. I figured a nine inch round with a fondant bow around it and a gingerbread house on top made with a kit wouldn't be too much work. The only thing was that I couldn't find any gingerbread house kits. Finally on the day before the party I found some Halloween kits that I had resolved to get and redecorate. But on a last minute trip to Costco (my favorite store) I was saved by this well priced ($10.00) gingerbread house kit that was already assembled! It's a Christmas one but I just added some fondant details to make it a little more Hansel and Gretel like.

I have to admit, I was going for speed while decorating the gingerbread house and while I thought it was fabulous that the white icing was included in the kit I could not make anything neat looking with it. It took me a while to do a horizontal line successfully without it falling down and after a couple failed attempts at dots on the roof I abandoned that decorating detail. The snow on the roof, I wasn't too concerned about making it look pretty. It would have been good to have some candy canes and maybe some ladyfingers or other candies on hand to decorate but honestly, I was just happy to get done and on top of the cake.

I also decided to decorate around the cake table with candy. Now, my kids have been well deprived of candy all of their short lives, so this was a big deal for monkey pants as you may be able to tell from her reaction. Apparently, not so big of a deal for the other kids who actually have candy in their kitchen pantry. Except for the gummy bears and gingerbread man cookies -those were quite popular. And am I the only one that likes lemon drops? I think my husband tried to tell me I was old for liking them. What?!

She almost has a frightened look on her face. I think she's thinking, "Holy crap, how am I going to control myself!"   And then, "I'm going to eat this part first".