Saturday, November 19, 2011

oliver + s Messenger Bag

From Little Things To Sew by oliver + s. I love this bag. Here it is in action at The City Library of the Year 2006. It only took us about seven years to finally go see the new library.

I made two of these for the kids and they use them all the time.  I chose light canvas for the outside because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it if I picked out some wonderful fabric only to see it dragged across the parking lot or filled with rocks.  I used the fun fabric on the inside.  And somewhere on this computer I think I have pictures of that but who knows where. I also added a little elastic hair band to the inside seem to hold their kids thermos.  It fits perfectly in there and stays upright.  I'd show a picture but ... Oh, and even though this is a very small thing, because the bag is a mucky canvas color, I added a bit of flair by using hot pink hardware on the strap.


  1. Cute bags! (And boots!) I want to make one of those bags, too. Which size pattern did you use? Those look 'just right'. The elastic hair band was a great idea!

  2. Adorable! The kids look so stylish with these bags.

  3. Soooo, what did you think of the library? LOVE the bags!

  4. Hi, I have been following you for a while, I was serching for Tinkerbell cake and that's how I found you, I love how simple and beautiful is evetything you do. You are often my inspiration. Thank you.
    I started my blog while back, so I hope you'll stop by and say hi.

    Take care,Roza