Saturday, January 26, 2013


Pattern: Ottobre 6/2010 Pikkumies #16
Fabric: Jersey knit in three colors plus white flannel for inner lining
Fabric Price:  probably around a dollar
Notions: elastic
Size: 92cm
Child's Age: 2

My two-year-old is potty training so I tried my hand at some toddler undies. I couldn't wait for the coverstitch machine to arrive. Plus, I really never sew knits, so I need to establish a baseline for the misery it is to sew without one, so I can better appreciate it when I receive it.     These are not the ones from the latest Ottobre issue 1/2013 but rather from Ottobre 6/2010. I thought these would be more his speed. I plan to make the new ones for my five-year-old. I've also seen some from an older issue of Ottobre which I think are even cuter, but I don't have that issue.

I used what I had on hand, some jersey knit from JoAnn I bought a long time ago with the intention of making pajama pants, I think. I didn't have ribbing for the waistband so I just used some more jersey knit I had on hand. I did double layer the front and back panels and the crotch gusset with white flannel on the inside in case of accidents. I didn't want them too thin, and it's winter anyway.

They were pretty easy to make.  I only got confused for a minute when sewing the back seam of the crotch gusset so that the seam is hidden.  You have to maneuver the edge of the crotch gusset around pretty tightly to get it to do this but it worked just fine.  I sewed it mostly with my serger.  I used my regular machine to sew that one part of the crotch gusset, for the decorative top-stitching on the front and back panels, and for the double-needle top-stitch around the waist and leg hems.

They came out a bit loser than I would have liked but it's not too big of a deal, they are, after all underwear.  They'll probably shrink in the wash.  However, the waistband was looked incredibly small so I cut it to the largest size and it was still a bit snug. That's probably because I didn't use ribbing. It also has elastic inside the waistband. 

Overall, pretty cute undies even though I wasn't really loving that character fabric from JoAnn.  I can't believe how expensive little boy briefs can be (Gymboree), so I'm pretty stoked to be able to make them for both the boys now.

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