Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Velma Vintage Skirt

Fabric: Heather Bailey, Nicey Jane, Picnic Bouquet - lagoon (less than a yard)
Fabric Price: ~$10.00
Size: Oops, I don't remember
Child's Age: 7
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This was a pretty simple skirt to make.  A large floral pattern is a must. It still calls for a hidden zipper, but other than that, the construction was quite fun, I think mostly do to the rick rack.  I don't use that very often, and of course on this pattern, it really makes the skirt.  It was tough deciding what color to use.
Monkey Pants used to be a skirts only girl, then a leggings only girl, and now a shorts only girl.  But she will make an exception here and there.  This pose was quite unexpected.

I didn't make the top so we had to make do with this plain, boring white t-shirt for the photos.  I also didn't have the yardage called for the width of skirt and didn't want to cut into a whole new yard of the fabric so it is slightly less full than it should be. I didn't want to have side seams interrupting the floral print either.  This is probably the "cutest" thing in her wardrobe right now.

Loved this when she wore it to a symphony in the park with the cabled taupe sweater.


  1. is she the same little girl in the village frock dress?. Wow, she is really big. I have a daughter (4 mo) after two boys, so start to look for dresses and that you did is really gorgeous. This skirt is beautiful too. And the fabric too.

  2. I have the pattern but I also don't have enough yardage. I hope that I could cut two rectangles to make the size 7 for my own daughter. Yours is soooo lovely and looks much better than the Ottobre picture. Can't wait to try it out now, you've inspired me! Thanks!!!