Thursday, April 5, 2012

Take home library bags

This is a simple, envelope style bag I made for the school's take home library program.  They provided the pattern and original fabric.  I couldn't stomach the fabric though, so I got this cute, neutral pattern but colorful print from Ikea.  I'm so bummed, they won't be carrying fabric by the yard in the store anymore.  I would have gotten more, had I known this at the time.

There were many remarks that came to mind as I thought of how to explain to the school what happened to the fabric they gave me.
"I felt the faded brown-toned roses pattern would hinder the children's ability to read".
"I thought this program was supposed to encourage, not deter children from reading".
And, my favorite --

"The fabric was accidentally burned in a fire".


  1. I would definitely go with the third remark... :) Great bags. I'm pretty bummed as well to hear that Ikea won't be offering fabric by the yard anymore either. :(

  2. I bought fabric from my ikea last week. I hope they keep doing it!

    1. Yeah. After that announcement, my Ikea just moved stuff around but they still have the fabric. So they must have changed their mind?