Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter cupcakes

I made these grass and bunny butt cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! They are in the original book. I'm not a huge fan of candy myself, or a fan of sugaring up my kids either, but I can't resist some of the cupcake layouts in this book. The only thing I don't like it having to hunt down all the candy. White chocolate covered peanuts for the bunny feet? Brown chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the foot pads? I couldn't find those and I didn't want to go to a special store either. I made them out of white fondant and just poured some chocolate syrup over the sunflower seeds (and it shows). But it was just for the kids and I knew they would not be that discriminating. I was right. No one even recognized the bunny butts in the soil. They're not dogs, people!

The grass was a bit torturous too, so after the first three I made my husband do it. I sent him to get the candy too. So, in the end, I guess all I did was make the soil for the dirt cupcakes and put the eggs on the grassy cupcakes. I wish more projects could be like this.

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