Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Cake

Having done the 3D pumpkin and frog cakes for my daughter's previous birthdays, I decided to do something more of a traditional cake shape but stylized this year. I thought I would do a cute polka dot and bows type of thing to tip the scales more towards a feminine balance. So a couple of days ago I came up with this idea inspired by a Meomi's September desktop calendar that I totally loved.

It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned it and I wish I had more time to have added a couple extra details. Because I've only been doing cakes in fondant, I'm not used to making decorations with butter cream anymore so my fern leaves were very blob-y. I should have used royal icing but that pesky time thing again. Although this cake is pretty gender neutral I think it fit the "cute" requirement I was looking for.

"Monkey pants" gets so excited about cake she even ate the pine cone guy. She also caused me a lot more work when I left her eating her lunch on the kitchen counter alone with the orange fondant leaves that were set out under a paper towel to dry. I was in such a hurry to take her to preschool that I didn't even realize the devastation until I came back to clean up the kitchen. All the leaves were gone ... totally gone; not even a fondant crumb was left. It was a good thing she was at preschool because it gave me a couple of hours to cool down.


  1. Wow! That is an amazing cake, it's absolutely beautiful1

  2. That is one amazing cake! Amazing! I should take a cake baking/decorating class with you before I make the cake for my daughter’s baptism :-)

  3. I was passed on the link to your blog from a friend and I love it. I am definately adding you to my blog reader. This cake is just gorgeous! I just bought the Planet Cake book and am planning on teaching myself how to do fondant cakes. Do you have any training or are you self taught?

  4. Kat - thank you. When my daughter turned one, I decided I wanted to learn how to make cakes. I had her cake made that year but I signed up to take some basic Wilton cake decorating classes at my local craft store. I was interested in fondant not buttercream decoration but that's all they had and it kind of got me started. After that, I just try different things on my own whenever I have an opportunity to make a cake especially for my kids' birthday. It's probably a lot more time consuming than people realize but it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding at the end. There's always a moment about half way into the cake, that I'm like -why did I think this was a good idea, but then when it's done, it feels great. Good luck!