Monday, February 2, 2009


I did it! I managed to post make absolutely nothing in January. What a way to start the year. I guess I'm kind of backwards in that respect.

Anyway, I just realized I never posted any pictures of my matching family pajamas I made for Christmas with Heather Ross Mendocino fabric that I mentioned in my Upcoming little projects post. I think it's because the only pictures I got of them were on Christmas morning when it was still dark and it was -- well, it was morning. I'm not a morning person. But here's what I managed to scrounge up.

Here's a picture of the back of monkey pants's head and the mama pajamas pants. I used a different color at the bottom of mine because I didn't want to order more than a yard for budget reasons and I figured I could use the left over from monkey pants's yard. You might be able to tell her pajama pants are the same fabric.

Monkey pants's reaction - not sure whether this is really cool or some kind of sick joke; looks to Dad for his take on this.

I decided to just make the pants for everybody in the same octopus print in different colors. For the little guy I used a smaller sea horse print. Then I got a camisole and t-shirt from Old Navy in bright coordinating colors for me and "Dada". I got a plain white onesie and a fitted shirt for the little ones and put the octopus print and swimming girl prints on them with t-shirt transfer.



I did want to make a little something extra for monkey pants. I got some aqua fleece for a robe but couldn't find a traditional robe pattern so I did some online searching and found this one, Simplicity 7068 on eBay. Yeah, I wish patterns were still $1.25. I made the robe a little shorter, just a bit past the knee. I love the rounded lapels and pockets.

Nothing is easier than sewing pajama pants; a great starter project for a beginner sewer and probably a lot more gratifying than sewing a pillow case.


  1. Hi there - just stopped by, and I really love the stuff you make! Added you to my reader right away! :)

  2. hi hi
    It's a great idea to make pajama for the whole family with the same fabric collection!!!