Sunday, September 22, 2013

Easy Jersey Vest

Pattern: Ottobre 6/2010 #27 Vest
Fabric: jersey knit in moss green from JoAnn's I think
Notions: brown buttons
Total Cost: don't remember
Size: probably the smallest one
Child's Age: 5

[Shirt: Janie & Jack; Pants: previously made Ottobre; Shoes: Gap Kids: Hat: Gap Kids]

So I made this a while ago but didn't post it because, I purchased the material and intended to make the whole outfit, pants and shirt.  Of course, that didn't happen and then a bunch of months go by and that's the story of my life. The vest has gone unused because, in mind, he couldn't wear it without the rest of the outfit.  Anyway, on the day of this photo, he actually put this ensemble together himself because he felt the need to be dressy. I was pretty impressed with it and didn't know why I hadn't put this together myself!  (Minus the gym socks, though).

The vest was pretty easy to make. The hard or next to impossible part was finding ribbing to match the jersey knit in the same color. Didn't happen. So I had to use the same fabric for the waist band, arm, and neck bands.

Pretty cute outfit. The vest definitely adds an instant scholarly flair. It also makes people think you're children are very well behaved.  As long as they don't speak, it's very convincing!

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