Monday, May 19, 2008

If only there was more time in the day...

A little while ago I made an attempt to make my picky eater daughter's lunch a little more exciting in hopes that it would encourage her to eat better. I used a simple gingerbread cookie cutter to shape her sandwiches and tried to add some color to her plate. And what do you know, my small effort actually paid off and she ended up eating a turkey sandwich without dissecting it and throwing the offensive meat at my plate. She called the sandwiches, "the boys". I was feeling fairly good about my little lunch design until I stumbled upon the "Bentos" Japanese boxed lunch concept today from a link on shim + sons.

I grabbed some of these photos from flickr. Wow, are these the cutest box lunches ever! If only I had more time in the day. Seriously, who has this much time. My little "monkey pants" gets lunch at preschool so I don't even need to pack her lunch, but I'm going to try to file these ideas for later when she starts school. Oh, and the lunch boxes are so adorable too.

* A site all about boxed lunch
* Cute bento boxes, especially this one

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  1. making the cute lunches isn't really that time consuming. for instance, if i make apple or pear bunnies, i'll do those first so they can soak in the acid water while i make the rest of the lunch. i 'll make a bunch of molded eggs at a time (now that summer is coming, look around for ice cream molds). my 8yo loves showing off his lunch at school. ^_^