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Mother's Day presies

More pot holders and a simple apron except I didn't realize I didn't take any pictures of the apron before I gave it to my mom. Woops. I selected some more Amy Butler fabrics for this set from the Nigella line. I don't think I even liked this print (olive primrose) when I first saw it, but now I absolutely love it and want to make all kinds of stuff with it.

I used the stripe fabric (from an earlier line) for the back of the apron and some bright aqua linen for the straps. It's reversible and super simple to make. I'll have to try to get a picture of it this weekend.

* * *

I got this lovely little book as one of my Mother's Day presies. I guess putting my list on Wishpot worked! Much better than getting a sleeping bag. So now I need to relearn how to crochet. Last time I crocheted I think I was six. I can't wait to make some of these --I guess I should say at least one of these-- for my little monkeys. I especially like the idea of making dolls for boys that are not, you know, "dolls".


  1. I love your kitchy kitchen wears! Amy Butler works so well when pairing with stripes and polka dots. What would we do without her?! I don't have a retailer where I live and I hate paying shipping costs so I do without many times. But I am an admirer. Nice work.


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