Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nesting ... or un-nesting

Being this is the third time around with the baby making and everything, enthusiasm hasn't been quite as high as the first two times. And I have to admit, I was wanting the third, and most likely last addition to the family to be a girl, maybe even a real girl (monkey pants is quite the tom boy). So, being told this was another boy after just having a boy in a relative short time wasn't as exciting as I would have liked. I've gotten over it though and I'm moving on, picturing sweet scenes of two little boys causing havoc, playing and conducting experiments by flushing things down the toilet together.

Anyway, when I was still delusionally hoping to have another girl, I was already starting to make a collage of colors, fabrics and decorating nick nacks in my mind for the new baby's room. After the ultrasound, I had to abruptly purge those images from my head and wipe the slate clean. But I haven't really come up with anything new for a baby boy. I just did a baby boy room. So what I'm trying to say is there has been no joyful buying and collecting of baby items. This poor baby is just doomed to received all hand-me-downs from the older brother. I think he might even receive the entire room from his brother being that the little guy just recently learned to climb out of his crib and will no longer need it by the time the new baby arrives in February.

So needless to say, my nesting instinct has not been activated ... at all ... what so ever. With the first two, I started collecting things before they were even conceived. BUT, just last week, I had an overwhelming need to clean up my craft studio (it's just a room, but I like to call it a studio), spurring up the need for several visits to IKEA for organizational items and obligatory manual labor from my husband. I haven't felt like cleaning or organizing anything lately, so when I got the urge, I just had to run with it. I'm much happier with my craft studio now. And despite the fact that the window sill still hasn't been attached and there's one small piece of baseboard missing two years after finishing this room in the basement, I'm still quite pleased. One of these days (in the next five years) I plan to take pictures of it to post.

After putting this room in order, I realized that maybe this is my misdirected way of nesting. Yes, the nesting instinct really is kicking in, just not in a directly baby related way. So now, I've suddenly had another misdirected nesting instinct to get rid of all my maternity clothes. It may not make a lot of sense, since I am currently wearing maternity clothing, but I just feel like getting rid of it, cleaning out my closet and getting new stuff.

Plus, I saw this nifty Photoshop action on a blog and I had to try it out. I think this is really what finally gave me the little bit of motivation for the dreaded task of getting all the clothes out of the bins and photographing it. (Unfortunately, I didn't have as much motivation to press it all. But whatever, it's still a nifty effect). And although I've listed them on a local classified site, if you can't resist one of these lovely maternity pieces. I'm willing to ship USPS Priority $4.95.

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