Friday, November 30, 2012

Lalaloopsy birthday party

For Monkey Pants eighth birthday, I did a smallish party.  I'm not much for all out theme parties, but I like to have a general idea to motivate the cake design and colors.  I decided on Lalaoopsy

Keeping the cake simple is always a goal these days. I used a couple of ideas from Pintrest like the rainbow colored fruit ca bobs and I couldn't resist the milk bottle drinks with ridiculously expensive paper straws. I couldn't resist OK!

[Tip: Novelty milk bottles are ridiculously priced. I used a coupon and bought Starbucks coffee in these glass bottles for a lot cheaper. My husband didn't mind drinking all the coffee. I'm more of a tea person.  The labels came off easily.  I used these contact paper chalk board labels for names, which also come off with no residue].

For lunch, I made pigs in blanket with croissants (I don't know why they're not on that orange tray), sweet potato fries in individual containers, and some assorted sweets like microwave carmeled popcorn.  Strawberry flavored milk was a big treat for my kids, if not for the guests.

By the time I went to cut the cake, I thought my cake had started to fall apart. Come to find out, certain little monkey fingers had been picking fondant buttons, sugar pearls, and even stripes off the cake and eating them!  Fondant cake is her first knowledge of cakes.  I still have to explain to her that the candles are not edible.


  1. The cake is beautiful, Did you make it?

  2. Wow! You are amazing. I literally just heard of Lalaoopsy from my 8 year old last week :) and showed her your blog. She was so excited...loves the cake! Such beautiful, vibrant colors for that beautiful, vibrant little one of yours!