Friday, February 15, 2013

More undies

Aren't those knock knees impressive
Pattern: Ottobre 6/2010 Pikkumies #16
Fabric: Old onesies
Fabric Price: almost nothing
Notions: FOE (fold over elastic. I'm still trying to remember what it means)
Size: 92cm
Child's Age: 5

After perusing the isle of JoAnn Fabrics for some cute knit fabrics to make more boy undies, I found nothing.  Surprise, surprise.  I was also in the process of cleaning out Super Disgusting's dresser now that he no longer needs diapers, wipes or onesies.  Yes, I make them wear onesies until the furthest point possible.  I don't like diaper fabric showing up from the pant's waistline, messy shirts, and irritated tummy skin.  Also, I don't like to give them ANY opportunity to find out what goes on in their diaper.  It's a very effective strategy.

Anyway .... onesies.  What to do with all these cute onesies.  It dawned on me, I could make underwear out of them!  This was a very revolutionary idea for me.  Things like this don't occur to me often, even if others have been doing it all along.  So here is my stack of onesies.  Of course, I've only managed to make ONE since this revelation.  The first Pikkumis I made were slightly lose, so I made these a tiny smaller by not adding the 1cm seam allowance.  I guess that was too much.  They're a bit snug on him, but luckily and sadly, they fit my 5-y.o. pretty well. Yup, he may be taller, but he's actually smaller in girth than the 3-y.o.

This time, since I had just received my awesome new sewing machine, the Juki F600.  Did I mention I bought an awesome, new sewing machine.  My birthday is the day after Christmas. I've learned to stop moping over crappy, overlooked birthdays and just get myself awesome gifts.  Well, I made the undies pretty much entirely with this sewing machine instead of the serger, including the decorative faux overlock top-stitching.  I used white FOE elastic but I just didn't fold it over.  Is that a thing?  Can you do that?  I don't know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


  1. It is just impressive that you make underpants but using a onesie is pretty brillant

  2. How wonderful! I have used old baby clothes for boy undies too...and also for my daughter's undies, I have used hand-me-down t-shirts from friends, that I didn't find pleasant, (aka appropriate!) but they work fine as fabric for undies.

  3. how fun! and how brave your are for doing projects like this. I am light years from daring such projects...

    1. Thank you Christine, Millie, and Anne for all the nice words.

      I just want to say, that these undies are really easy to make. I would probably never spend the time trying to draw up a pattern myself. This briefs pattern from Ottobre is actually pretty fun to sew. You can use a serger or a conventional sewing machine. I've done it both ways.

      I did forget to mention, I omitted the waistband with enclosed elastic and just stitched this elastic right onto the edge of the fabric. I also added the red binding on the legs to these from a stretch knit that I already had. I used a bias tool to iron the folds. Try it people! It's not too hard. I swear.