Monday, March 18, 2013

Biker Jacket

Fabric: sweatshirt fleece (JoAnn Fabrics)
Notions: 14" separating metallic zipper, (2) 6" metallic zippers, large snap
Total Cost: ~$16.00
Size: 98cm, 104cm length
Child's Age: 5

I wanted to make this jacket as soon as I got this issue in the fall. It's made out of sweatshirt fleece.  Casual and stylish at the same time. Perfect for stylin' five year old. Somehow, there were many wrenches thrown in to the construction of this jacket.  First, I couldn't find sweatshirt material and ribbing in the same color.  I blame JoAnn Fabrics for this.  Then, I couldn't find the right length of metallic, fashion zipper for his size.  I thought, that's OK, I'll just keep checking back until they have it.  But it's JoAnn Fabrics.  So, this doesn't EVER happen. I also wanted the same arm patch that is on the magazine photo which was impossible to find unless I wanted to pay more than the fabric cost me to have it shipped to me.

Well, it turns out, my little boy was invited to a 50's dance party by one of his dance class teammates so then I just had to pull the trigger on this and make the jacket.  So, OK! Fine! I settled for not using ribbing and just using the same fabric for the wrists and waist bands.  I went to JoAnn's and very executively found the closest length zipper to what was called for and started up on it two days before the party, because that's how I like to do things.

I had to settle for this plain star as I couldn't fine the army sergeant patch featured in the magazine.

I got him this vintage box of gum to roll up in his shirt sleeve.
Couldn't resist a last minute marker tattoo.

It was coming along quite well.  I thought I had just enough material that I had bought several months ago.  Sewing sweatshirt fleece is very easy and nice.  Then, things started to go downhill.  I attached the pockets upside down.  I broke a needle going over the pocket zipper on the topstitcing so I wasn't going to do them over. Then, I realized I didn't check the length of the waistband before cutting it and it was way too short to attach to the bottom of the jacket (because it was meant to be cut from ribbing and stretched).  Dumb mistake, but I sucked it up and made a trip to JoAnn for another six inches of fabric.  Got home, attached that, and realized I hadn't cut the front facings and didn't have enough fabric for that either.  SUPER DUMB!  I sent my husband this time for another piece of sweatshirt fleece.

Great. That should have been the last snafu. Nothing that couldn't be remedied at least. But, no.  Then I took this picture to document how the zipper was going to be attached, and I actually attached it.  It wasn't until I went to attach the other side, that I noticed the bottom of the zipper was in my way and I didn't know why.  It seemed to me that it shouldn't be in my way.  That's because I didn't get a SEPARATING zipper!  ULTRA DUMB!!! 

At the party. So cute!
So, he had to wear the jacket as a pull-over.  I was so bummed and apparently distracted by this monumental miss that I also forgot to put the snap on the front.  I think I'll be making this again in the future.


  1. oh man, I think we've all had those projects...but it looks fantastic. I think it's a massive moral victory that you kept at it despite all the obstacles!