Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kimberly Bag

Kimberly Bag from Amy Butler pattern - check. Again, used the same fabric as the pattern (different colors). I love this bag in this pattern in pretty much all the colors. I would probably like to keep this one too, but it is a Christmas gift.

This bag took me a bit longer, probably three days. I had a bit of a set back when I started cutting because I didn't realize I was out of fusible fleece and had to go back to the dreaded Joann's. I think I need to take psychotropic drugs to deal with the people at the cutting counter. Anyway, this pattern doesn't take up a lot of fabric which is nice, but apparently I didn't realize the fabric I picked from Amy Butler's Nigella line is a home decorating weight fabric that is also 54" and not the usual 45" so I ordered a yard and you really only need 1/2 yard for the exterior. I used a subtle two tone floral from Amy's Midwest Modern line for the lining. I was surprised that the pattern didn't include an inside pocket, so I added a little one with a zipper. For the main zipper, I used the same technique I came up with for the Sophia Carry-All Bag, but I used a slimmer one instead of the more bulky coil separating zipper that is used for the purse zipper.

The bag was fairly easy except for dealing with the bulkyness of the interfacing and zipper on the sewing machine of course. I had better luck with the fabric fusible interfacing this time than I did with the Sophia bag as I followed the instructions a little better. But I'm still not a fan of it. It seems to ripple a little no matter what. The zipper ends on the bag don't look as tidy as I would have liked but I think that's as good as their going to come out with the sewing machine I have and the fact that it needs to be oiled and I can't figure out how to oil it.

I was pleased with the result. I think it makes a cute gift so I'll probably make it again.


  1. Sewing machines are easy to oil. You'll have to take out a screw or maybe two that hold the cover over the moving parts in the top of the machine, then just put a single drop on each place where moving parts come into contact with each other. put it the cover back on replace the screw and sew a couple of scraps to get the excess oil out. and Whalah your done!
    Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog, your sewing is beautiful.

  2. Your bag is beautiful. I'm new to sewing and just this weekend I completed the Kimberly bag. I'm really happy with it too. I had to hand stitch the gaps around the zipper ends. My sewing machine was not up to the task. Thanks for sharing.