Friday, December 19, 2008


Pattern: Tuck-in or Bow-Knot Scarf
This is a free pattern I found on the web a while ago, but now I can't remember where. I did find another link to it here.
Materials: Mission Falls "1824 Wool" (I thought this was worsted weight, but upon checking, it's not) Aran 100% Superwash Merino Wool, Rhubarb 534
The yarn was a little irregular in places and one of the balls had a join in it which bugged me. And it didn't pull out from the center. I was drawn in by the colors.
Amount: patterns says it will come out of less than one 50 gram ball but I had to buy a second one to finish with this yarn.
Needles: US4 bamboo
Cost: $12.00

I made this scarf a couple of times before and decided to make it again using a superwash merino wool because I thought that would be practical for gifting. I picked this super saturated crimson color I couldn't resist. I thought it might really liven up a dull wool coat or a neutral jacket.

This pattern is pretty easy to make and super fast. Another one of those rewarding projects for immediate satisfaction. It's made up in garter stitch and has a slot on one end through which you insert the other end to hold it in place. I made it last year from a cashmere blend in a smaller gauge for an accessory that's more wearable even away from the cold.

I also made another scarf gift in the same yarn. The website says the color is Charcoal 004, but it looks more like Ink 022. It's a deep blackberry color. I used two 50g balls and just made it up in moss stitch for the bow scarf's counterpart. Moss stitch is apparently very stretchy which I guess should work well for a scarf. My only concern is that it might get kind of mis-shapen easily. This seemed like a lot more knitting compared to the bow scarf. Boy, I really like that bow-knot scarf pattern. This scarf doesn't look too exciting just laying there, but it looks really cute sophisticated and cozy on.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Carola. I'd been looking for a free pattern for this scarf! I saw a similar scarf on another blog and thought it would be a fun xmas knit.