Monday, December 29, 2008

Partridge in a pear tree

I wanted to make fabric apples for monkey pants' preschool teachers from Heather Bailey's Fresh-Picked Pincushions pattern for Christmas gifts, but I couldn't convince myself to spend almost $13.00 plus shipping on a pattern to make apples and pears. By the time I convinced myself, it was too late to order it. Well, it all turned out because I found this cute, free online bird pattern from Spool. What could be better -free and downloadable.

It was such a fun, quick, and easy little project and it was specially sweet because monkey pants was so excited to help make it for her teachers. She picked out the fabric scraps, I cut and sewed the birdies, she stuffed them, and I hand sewed them shut. She was surprisingly good at stuffing them and didn't even abandon the birdies half-way as I might have thought.

We simply stuffed them into clear gift baggies and attached a home made card with ribbon. I made the card using this adorable little figure from a free gift tag download from Kitty Genius.

I think her teachers were pleasantly surprised by the fact that monkey pants had helped to make these with her own hands and I felt it made it all the more special.


  1. What a fun little project! I know what you mean though about paying all that money for a pattern+shipping. I finally broke down and did it a few weeks ago's easier to stomach if you order more than one item. It's a really fun pattern. I made the pear first:

    I think the apple will be the next one to try.

  2. found your blog via your cute picture in Sugar City's group on flickr, and just wanted to say what a pleasure it is looking at all the pretty things you make!