Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sailboat Skirt

[pattern photo from oliver + s]
Because I really enjoyed the Jump Rope dress pattern from oliver + s, I decided to get another one, the Sailboat Top, Skirt & Pants pattern to complete an outfit I got at Gymboree for monkey pants. As monkey pants gets older, I'm not drawn to Gymboree's matchy-matchy lines as much but I couldn't resist this adorable panda top and black short sleeve cardigan. I was shopping with coupons so that was all I was going to get. The pants didn't appeal to me that much anyway. There was a cute black denim mini skirt but it also had a panda face on it and I thought that would be a bit much.

[I have to admit, the panda looks a little scary in these pictures. My camera was spazzing out with all the white and black contrast and the white is overexposed and in your face.]
Looking in monkey pants's closet, I realized she has nothing that is red or black so I figured I could make a couple of cute little skirts to go with the outfit. I picked this oliver + s pattern because of it's timeless and classic design of course, even in a non-nautical look.

This skirt got cut and sewn up in a matter of a couple of hours which I find very satisfying. I made size four which fit really well around the waist and hips but I found to be maybe a little shorter than I expected. I think I would have preferred it to be just over the knee. I could have skimped on the folding back for the hem to make it a bit longer, but I wanted to preserve the way it was hemmed so I settled for the mini skirt look. I can always make lots and lots more of these. Also, it has a cute little pleat in the back (ignore the strangely positioned hand; that really is the back).

I was able to make them with 3/4 yards for about $5 each plus buttons. I used black denim for the first one and red corduroy on the second one because this is kind of a wintery outfit. I'm not too excited about my button selection but the buttons had to be black or red to go with the outfit and frankly there just wasn't anything better. (Light aqua or yellow buttons on the black denim would have been super cute). Sadly, I paid about $1.79 for four 3/4" buttons at JoAnns (which visiting, as I've mentioned many times before, leaves me needing to be medicated) and then I found the exact same buttons, different brand, at Walmart for a mere $.69 cents.

I know I'll get a lot of use out of this pattern as it goes up to a size 8. I can see making the skirt and matching top outfits for the Spring.


  1. I love those skirts, the panda top and the jacket!

  2. Great outfits! I'm so happy to see that you sewed them in denim and corduroy. I have the same pattern for my five year old and those are the same fabric choices I wanted to use for fall/winter. Once again, you are a very talented seamstress! Beautiful pictures! I have the same thoughts on Gymboree....really like the tops and sweaters but not always the matchy, matchy bottoms. I'm currently trying to sew curtains for that same little five year old and I can't finish them fast enough to move on to clothes, but this has me inspired!! Thank you!

  3. WOW those are so adorable! I think i'll need to pass this off to my mother in law to make for my daughter.

  4. absolutely adorable. thanks so much for your hints & tips! i'm learning so much today reading your blog :)

    thank you!!